Budget Buds – Death Bubba

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THC Content: 22%
Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Migraines, Stress, Loss of Appetite
Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

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Budget Buds – Death Bubba Strain by Dispensary Near Me

Budget Buds – Death Bubba combined the good old classic “Bubba Kush “ and the hard to find strain “Death Star” to create this beast of a strain!

Taking all the pain management properties from “Bubba Kush” and keeping your mind clear with its other parent strain this creates on of the most helpful strains in the medical community, while still offering the high THC content you get from “Death star” you get a strain that can hit upwards of 24-25%!

Death Bubba is usually very skunky while smelling like sweet earthiness, the smell is one of classic strains in the past so old smokers this will be a good throwback and for all people new to smoking this is a great strain to smoke a get a great buzz while not passing out from the heaviness of the Indica!

Cracking open this can, we rip the top off to smell a very pungent skunky earthy smell, compliment by hints of gas this stuff smells more skunky then most strains here. Looming at this strain you can see dark green bud surrounded in trichomes and splotches of pistils through out the entire bud.

Upon breaking this nug open you can see the trichomes getting more dense as you get deeper through it, as well releasing more of the earthy scent. This strain looks very nice busted up, then smoking it you get a very skunky flavor that complement with a earthy almost sweet almond flavor.

The effects set immediately with a very calming high while keeping the mind focused, after awhile all your pain is temporarily washed away while you focus in on the things you feel like doing pain free. This strain is a very nice one for pain patients as it doesn’t leave you overly groggy while still retaining all the pain relief a heavy Indica has without all the weight it carries.

Smell: A very pungent skunk smell that is related to the death star parent strain followed by a earthiness that enhances as you bust up the bud.

Effects: This strain is a very wonderful strain for pain management as it has all the pain relief benefits from its parent strain Bubba Kush while still retaining a clear focused mind for accomplishing whatever you’d like.

Medicinal Effects Helps With: Pain, Appetite, Anxiety, Stress, Creativity, Insomnia.

THC % Average: 17%-24%

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