Polar Bear – Hash


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Polar Bear Hash is sometimes called Bear Block Hash or Grizzly Bear Hash. It’s easy to smoke and has strong Indica effects, leaving you feeling relaxed after consumption. You may feel a sense of well-being and dizziness. Additionally, bear block hash typically has therapeutic pain management and antiemetic effects. Polar Bear hash is made with potent, HIGH-QUALITY indoor-grown BC bud. It’s smoother than other kinds of hash and a great option for everyone—especially because it’s affordable!

The smell is fresh, light, and spicy with an undertone of diesel. The colour is darker than before and seems more mature. The hash is pliable instead of crumbly so it’s much easier to work with. They say you’re never too old to learn, and we can see this as a great example of perfecting a recipe. All in all, this hash is still very affordable without sacrificing your wallet.

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