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Take a trip with Trippy Treats – Green Apple on our handcrafted exotic gummies range made with love locally using the yummiest and purest ingredients. These edibles are made to excite your tastes buds whilst taking you for an exciting ride! They act fast, are tasty, easy to carry, easy to consume, and potent. Therefore, we recommend trying out a small amount to monitor your reaction to it before consuming heavier doses.

Effects: Euphoria, Energy, Creativity, Altered Sensory, Increased Appetite, Cottonmouth, Pain Alleviation
Medical: Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Depression, Appetite Loss, Concentration, Soft Tissue Injury and Muscle Spasms, Concentration.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours and Colours.

Contents: Each unit gummy contains 20mg of THC. Each unit container contains 10 gummies.

Storage: We recommend you keep them refrigerated or otherwise in a dry & cool place.

Caution: May contain traces of vegetable starch.


Trippy Treats Gummies are fast-acting and give users immediate euphoric feels. Your senses will be elevated as the intensity increases. Exciting you and making you extremely happy. This, in turn, affects your mental prowess. You become more focussed and gain boosted creativity. Maintaining motivation to think through various tasks or projects during the day. With your concentration and energy levels elevating with time. Just what you need to go through a tough day. Eventually, you begin to unwind and relax. But, not before your tummy begins to signal that its time to eat. Due to the increased appetite that these gummies give you, we recommend that you have some food any time after consuming them.

Medical Effects

Trippy Treats Gummies provide quick relief of pain-related issues such as muscle spasms, Inflammation, and soft tissue injury. They relax the body and get rid of tensions within the affected areas which provides some pain relief. It’s also been known to help with anxiety, stress and depression. Since you’re elevated and are taken into a more cheery mood, you have your mind cleared of thoughts that would otherwise impact you negatively. Helping you keep a positive attitude as you go on with your day.

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240mg THC


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