Mixing and Matching Gives Me A Whole Lot of Variety…

mix and match

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mix and match

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We have come up with a great way to Mix and Match your favorite strains to be able to get it for the lower cost. You can now purchase more vareity of strains in your cart for Wholesale Pricing.

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Black Ice Live Resin

Black Ice Live Resin

Black Ice is typically a dangerous phenomenon to watch out for when walking or driving — but the cannabis strain Black Ice offers no such nasty surprises. Black Ice is a primarily indica hybrid created by Spanish producers The Moon Seeds.

$25 – 1 gram , $299.99 – 14 grams
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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
Valued AT 909.90 CAD
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Announced (January 8th 2021)
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