Budget Buds – Sour Haze

Aromas: Diesel, Earthy
THC Contentt: 19%-26%
Medical Uses: Headaches, Hyperactivity, Migraines, PTSD, Stress
Effects:  Energizing, Focus, Giggly, Happy

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Budget Buds – Sour Haze by Dispensary Near Me

Budget Buds – Sour Haze is a 100% pure sativa strain with relatively unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy. It is widely agreed among the cannabis community that this bud is likely a cross between Sour Diesel X an unknown Haze strain. Budget Buds – Sour Haze boasts a moderately high THC level ranging from 19-26% on average and a combination of potent sativa effects. Sour Haze has a taste of sweet lime with a sour diesel aftertaste upon exhale and an aroma akin to drinking a Sprite soda at a gas station.

Budget Buds – Sour Haze have fluffy neon green popcorn-shaped nugs with bright orange furry hairs and undertones. These nugs have light minty green patches and a fine layer of thick crystal trichomes and resin. Users describe the Sour Haze high as an instantly uplifting and energetic head high that leaves you active and motivated with a moderate case of the giggles. If too much is smoked at once, Sour Haze has the tendency to leave you paranoid, dizzy, and very anxious. Due to these potent effects, Sour Haze is an ideal strain for treating seasoned patients suffering from conditions such as mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic stress, and sleep disorders, including insomnia.

A true sativa, Sour Haze needs very little time before its starts working. Almost immediately after drawing its thick smoke into their lungs, smokers are struck by a head rush. Temples may begin to throb and salivation may even increase due to increased blood pressure in the head; some also describe a reddening in their cheeks. Soon after acclimating to these new sensations, consumers might notice that their capacity for analytical thinking has increased. Ideas can take on a new intensity and may flow from one to the next in surprising new associations. As such, Sour Haze can enable concentration on complicated, work-related tasks. It can also open up creative avenues for freewheeling brainstorming. The bud’s tendency to boost internal monologues can help the conversation to flow smoothly and easily in social settings. In addition to bringing about this cerebral state, Sour Haze can give successful smokers a kind of buzzy, jittery energy.

This jolt can be put to use with some light exercise or any other activity that involves complex coordination, like video games or even sex. Its immediacy and thoughtfulness may also be a good way to enhance hiking or camping trips to the great outdoors. Sour Haze brings few physical effects and is unlikely to slow smokers down with sluggishness or couchlock. This strain’s effects are said to last longer than usual, even for experienced cannabis consumers. Because it is more stimulating than relaxing, Sour Haze is recommended for daytime — and even wake-and-bake — use. If toked before bedtime, the strain is very likely to keep its users wide awake.

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