Death Tuna

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Aromas: Gassy, Pungent
THC Content: 30%
Medical Uses: Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Nausea
Effects: Body High, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting

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Death Tuna by Dispensary Near Me

Death Tuna is one of the most famous hybrids out there because it has two amazing parent strains. Death Tuna is a mixture of two very potent strains the Black Tuna and Death Bubba.

Death Tuna is an Indica based strain that’s rich in THC, they say Death Tuna is an Indica dominant strain. This flower is a much sticker and gassy version of Death Bubba.

Its Gassy and musky on the nose while expressing a spice-box and fuel-forward flavor like old school weed. Its bold and relaxing effects take hold after smoking. Heavy and calming while you fall in and out of focus as well as euphoric and spacey with a long-lasting body melt.

Overall, this is a strain that will set you on course for a relaxing night. The people who use this strain are usually more experienced weed lovers and consumers that need an extra heavy hitter to feel relaxed and just enjoy the night after a long day of work.If you happen to use it and aren’t familiar with its strength, This strain can hit hard so go slow

Specific Description:

Opening this can up it smells super strong like gas, very earthy undertone this stuff has an amazing smell if you like pure gas smells! Then when you look at the buds they are very good trimmed and solid nugs.

They are coated very nicely with trichomes and orange redish pistils. Very nice dark green nugs with beautiful light green hues.

Then busting this stuff up it releases more of a earthy scent and you can see the beautiful crystals on the inside. Smoking it it’s a very settling high with a good pain killer and a nice strain for smoking after a hard day! The exhale is very earthy but very nice!

Smell: This strain smells strong like gas with earthy undertones this stuff is a very pungent smaller

Effects: After smoking this you will get a very good body high to relax you after a long day work or just to settle the mind and help you sleep!

Medical Effects Helps With: Insomnia, Pain, Depression, Stress

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