Dr. Pie

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Bud Size: Large
Flavour: Earthy
THC Content: 20-22%
Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Migraines, Stress, Loss of Appetite
Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

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Dr. Pie by Dispensary Near Me

So starting it off ripping the lid off this strain Dr. Pie right away we get hit by a semi truck of a smell. Its smell is a very potent skunk smell caressed by fresh pairs and a sour candy smell, the smell on this strain is very unique and one that any smoker would be head over heals for!

Venturing past the smell we get to see the beautiful dark green and light purple hues, this bud is a site to see with its blanket of crystals covering it from stem to tip almost hiding the green color behind a white and amber wrap!

Then we get into breaking this bud up and right away you can notice all the keif that falls from the bud as you snap it as its so caked!

How Does Dr. Pie Smoke?

After smoking it you get a very heavy onset indica high that’s partnered by a very relaxing high, also relieving all your pain and built up stress this is a relaxing strain for sure! If you having some troubles don’t worry because the Doctor is in! DR.PIE that is!

Smell: This smell is a very unique one, it’s a very pungent skunk smell followed by a smell of fresh pairs and followed by a sour candy. This smell is one that all smokers will absolutely love!

Effects: This strain is a very wonderful Indica! Smoking this strain will have you heads in the clouds and your body glued to the couch this strain is HEAVY so make sure yoy have a comfy spot after smoking this because you will sink as soon as you lay down!

Medicinal Effects Helps With: Insomnia, Pain, Stress, Appetite, Anxiety, Depression

Looks and Smell: AAAA+

Flavor and Effect: AAAA

THC % Average: 17%-26%


Dr Pie is another one of the rare strains where not all lineage is known, what we do know Is 2 of the strains its bred from and that is great white shark. “Great White Shark” is a strain known for hitting hard and fast while its not the heaviest hitter in the books “Great White Shark” is a quick acting indica which acts as the delivery strain for “DR.PIE” and it works wonders. Following that we have the other partner in this rodeo and that is a back crossing of “Great White Shark’s” parent strain “Super Skunk” to achieve a more potent indica high with greater pain melting qualities and while being a very quick onset. Both of those strain bred together makes the one and the only “DR.PIE” aiming to be one of the heaviest hitters to hit the market. Pun intended!

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3.5 Grams, 1 Ounce

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