Elite Elevation – UK Cheese – Shatter


Elite Elevation offers some of the best shatter in BC Canada. They are beginning their process by using only strain-specific buds, and their devotion to quality, consistency, and safety sets them apart from many other brands, while their innovative technology and mindsets move them forward.

Consistency: Shatter/Snap & Pull
Contents: 1 Gram
CBD Concentration: 1-2%
THC Concentration: 73.50-87.50%


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Elite Elevation – UK Cheese – Shatter by Dispensary Near Me

Cannabis concentrates have been around for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until recently that the industry dramatically evolved. The concentrates that we now consume are a testament to the shift in cannabis culture and the refinement of modern extracts.

Shatter is a concentrate that is extracted using cannabis and solvents such as butane – it gets its’ name from it’s sometimes glass-like or brittle consistency, although snap & pull is also prevalent and popular.

Shatter is made by extracting terpenes and cannabinoids, mainly THC, from plant matter and then vacuum purged to rid of any remaining solvents or impurities.

This results in a cannabis concentrate that is extremely potent, offering users a more intensified high through a healthy interaction between various terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids.

From Terpene Sauce to Diamonds, Elite Elevation does it all and their shatter is just another one of the top-of-the-line products offered.

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Brand Concentrate

1 Gram


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