Low Price Bud – Nuken

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Size: Small-Medium
Nose: 8/10
Sticky: 7,5/10
THC Content: 25%
Medical Uses: Anxiety, Arthirtis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Stress
Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

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Low Price Bud – Nuken by Dispensary Near Me

Our Canadian friends up north are quite skilled at producing some high-quality bud, and Low Price Bud – Nuken is a wholehearted testament to that. Legend has it that Cash Crop Ken crossed God Bud with Shishkaberry to create this indica-dominant strain that has varying THC levels which bring powerful effects. Low Price Bud – Nuken is perfect for evening use by both recreational and medical users.

While most sources note that Low Price Bud – Nuken ranges in potency from 23% to 25%, many have claimed to find this bud topping 30% with ease. These large nugs are very dense and furry but their real beauty lies within their chunky trichome coverage and super sticky coating of resin. Both her aromas and flavors are pretty weird if we’re being honest, as you’ll think for a moment that you’re eating baked marshmallows. However, all of a sudden, a note of skunk will push through and make you question your very existence.

Once you’ve gotten past her initial introduction, Low Price Bud – Nuken is actually a joy to smoke. Her high is intense and long-lasting, making it great for a night at home with friends or a companion to take along on an evening adventure. While you’ll certainly feel relaxed and uplifted, this strain doesn’t make users feel overly sedated in any way. Instead, tingles from head to toe will envelop you and you’ll notice a tendency to be a bit spaced out. Whether you put on your favorite new Netflix show or you simply want to grab a bite to eat out on the town, Low Price Bud – Nuken is the perfect pairing.

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