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Mercedes – Hash by Dispensary Near Me:

Specific Description Mercedes – Hash:

When you open the Mercedes – Hash, you get to see a very black piece of hash, very classic hash style this stuff is as black as a night with no moon. If your new to hash don’t let this blackness fool you, nice hash comes in all colors and the most classic of those being old school black hash!

Then we get into how this hash smells if you take a deep inhale you get a very fresh cannabis smell as well as a very strong oil and tea smell, it’s a very light pleasant smell but than lightness doesn’t say anything about the strength because this stuff is potent!

How Does Mercedes – Hash Smoke?

This style of hash is very tough but still after a short warm up in your hands you can mold it to how you like, with a little heat from a lighter this stuff will turn into powder too. Smoking this hash is a very tea strong flavor, with a very earthy freshness after taste.

This hash is made with very heavy Indica strains so you will get strong sedative effects! It’s a creeper but once it creeps in it’s a very great night time high.

While this Mercedes – Hash isn’t a import this hash is still amazing quality, this hash is Pressed out of BC, while using traditional techniques learned from the mountains of Afghanistan.

This hash is usually taken from heavy Indica strains keif and sifted to remove any unwanted plant materials then that’s taken, and mixed with dark cannabis oil aswell as black tea and water to obtain its elasticity, at this point its still wet what is then done is its pressed with heat to remove any excess moisture and harden the product aswell as this makes the hash turn more dark and black in color.

Background Information:

Medical Compounds: High in THC extracted from heavy Indica strains. Moderate CBD content as well.

Effects: Since this Hash is made from heavy indica strains the effects are usually very sedative but since most hashes pressed out of BC like this one has moderate CBD you get a very wonderful amount of pain relief from smoking this classic hash aswell.

Smell and Flavor: This Hash is very classic is looks, smell and flavor the smell is very strong in black tea and fresh cured cannabis while the flavor is strong like tea but followed by a very earthy exhale. This is a classic hash for sure.

Hash Info: Dark Black, Very Hard, Classic Smell and Flavor, Heavy Indica strains.

Place of Origin: British Columbia.


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