Purple Afghan Kush

Size: Medium
Nose: 10/10
Sticky: 10/10
THC Content: 21-25%
Medical Uses: Chronic ailments, Muscle spasms, Nausea and the Pain of arthritis.
Effects:  Relaxed, Cerebral

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Purple Afghan Kush by Dispensary Near Me

What do you get, when you cross two classic strains, Purple Kush and Pre’98 Bubba Kush? A purple power house called Purple Afghan Kush. Purple Afghan Kush is as beautiful as it is relaxing. This strain naturally contains deep blue and purple hues, not because of temperature, but because of the specific combination of genetics. Purple Afghan Kush is an indica-dominant strain, whose lineage and distinct color have made it a popular choice among cannabis connoisseurs.

This particular hybrid comes from the legendary Emerald Triangle region of Northern California, an area, that got its name from the three heaviest producing cannabis counties in the US and possibly the world. While not a pure indica, it tends to hold about an 80/20 ratio for most phenotypes, and has all the characteristics you would expect. Relaxing, soothing, and possessing an incredible fruity flavor, Afghan Purple Kush will catch the attention of all your mates with its amazing color, potency, and delicious flavors.

The sweet and fruity aroma given off by Purple Afghan Kush goes well with the incredibly calm and peaceful effects of consuming it. The one thing, that everyone can agree on, is the heavily fruit-laden terpenes, that permeate the strain. What people can’t agree on, is what fruit it tastes like. Some say pineapples, some say grapes, and some say good old fashioned apples. Either way, if sweet aromatic flavors are your thing, Purple Afghan Kush may be right up your alley.

Indicas have a reputation for being the relaxing “stoner” type of marijuana. This strain in particular is great at maintaining the indica stereotype, with a heavy body buzz and a more soothing head high. I wouldn’t try to run a marathon after giving Purple Afghan Kush a try. Odds are you are going to want to take a swing in a hammock, or doze off while listening to some music. THC content has tested at a range of between 21 and 25 percent, and while it doesn’t contain an abundance of CBD, coming in at around 1-1.5%, it has just the right balance of cannabinoids to relieve whatever is ailing you.

As with many other indicas, people have found, that Purple Afghan Kush is an incredible alternative to popping pills to take care of your aches and pains. Purple Afghan Kush has been one of many strains, that have incredible relief properties. People have used this strain to overcome a number of chronic ailments, including muscle spasms, nausea and the pain of arthritis.

Another incredible property of Purple Afghan Kush is, that it is higher in CBN than most strains, or cannabinol. CBN’s primary effect on the body is to cause muscles to relax. It is also great at quelling anxiety, which makes Purple Afghan Kush a great strain for those who want to get elevated without having to deal with becoming overwhelmed.

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