Purple Bubba Kush

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Size: Medium
Nose: 8.5/10
Sticky: 7.5/10
THC Content: 21%-25%
Medical Uses: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Tremors
Effects: : Body High, Sleepy

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Purple Bubba Kush by Dispensary Near Me

For those of you who like a good indica that just melts your cares away and leads you to a complete state of bliss, Purple Bubba Kush will soon become one of your favorites. Unknown breeders have crossed Bubba Kush and Purple Kush to get a strong strain that definitely takes on some family characteristics.

When it comes to potent strains, this one is certainly up there on the list, with a high of 25% THC that would knock most beginners off their feet. We’ll be honest – this bud is so beautiful that we’d marry it if we could, as light green and purple patches are seen beneath an almost silver layer of trichomes. Like a true member of the Kush lineage, grape, earth, and spices are all accented by a kushy flavor and scent that lets you know exactly what you’re smoking.

If all of that sounds great then you’re in for a real treat as we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! Your high with Purple Bubba Kush begins with a strong body sensation that leaves you stuck to your couch for hours. While that may not sound ideal, the way your body will be buzzing and tingling is actually quite pleasing. Alongside the physical effects, this strain offers a good deal of mental stimulation that will leave you feeling uplifted and joyful.

Medical patients often turn to stronger strains for help with a range of health concerns, and Purple Bubba Kush is a great choice that provides long-lasting relief. Because this bud often leads users to a deep sleep, those who battle with insomnia will be treated to a night of rest like they haven’t gotten in years. Physical issues including pain, eye pressure, muscle concerns, and more will be soothed away, and stress and depression will have no place in your brain while you’re high.

Given that this strain is made by unknown individuals, it’s not surprising that information detailing how to grow your own isn’t widely available. At best, this strain will be moderately easy to grow, but in terms of specifics, there simply are none. If you have some experience under your table, you may want to treat this just like any other pure indica strain and see what happens. Sometimes the experiment is half the fun!

For those who happen to live on the West coast, you’re in luck, as Purple Bubba Kush appears to be pretty easily found in your average dispensary. Beyond that, you may just have to make a little trip if you really want to experience this strain. Depending on your preference for flavors and effects, this bud could be just another strain in your stash or it could truly be something to write home about.

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