Purple Gas Mask

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Size: Medium
Nose: 9/10
Sticky: 9/10
THC Content: 24%
Medical Uses:  Chronic Pain, Depression , Headaches, Stress
Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

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Purple Gas Mask by Dispensary Near Me

Purple Gas Mask is an indica dominant strain between Purple Kush and Gas Mask. Purple Gas Mask has a sweet, bubble-gum, pungent, gassy smell & the taste that provides a strong heavy body high that will leave you in-da-couch, indica, in-da-couch do you get it?

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a child of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, two strains with classic, clear genetics and extremely relaxing effects. Although Purple Kush is a first-generation Californian, bred in Oakland decades ago, it still carries the same no-nonsense attitude and lip-smacking flavour as its parents. I’d consider its genetics exclusively indica, so be prepared to yawn and stretch quite a bit after a session.

Purple Kush marijuana is a world-known for purple leaves and dense buds. The nugs are covered with white and orange hairs. This kush is potent, delivering a high THC count of up to 22%. beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid overwhelming couch-lock and sedation. This marijuana strain is good for evening and nighttime medicinal and recreational use due to sedative properties. It’s not debilitating at first, but the strain brings on gradual relaxation that’s sure to put down almost any toker eventually. The blissful, calming indica effects are much like the Hindu Kush, which also likes to creep up on users. Purple Kush is usually recommended for treating certain forms of muscle pain, anxiety, stress, nausea and sleeping and eating disorders.

Gas Mask

A strong pungent gas and citrus aroma reek from Gas Musk. This strain created by backcrossing Alien Kush F2 hybrid and Cherry Pie was created through the deliberation of Exotic Genetic from Pacific Northwest. Gas Masks delivers a strong phenotype long-lasting mind-numbing cerebral effect. A great way to rid the body of stress while sinking into your limbs.

The strain provides buds in an 8-9 week cycle and produces a medium-size yield. This strain was created through a collaboration with Exotic Genetix, a Pacific Northwest mainstay. Gasmask has an 8 to 9-week flowering period and a medium-sized yield for attentive growers. This pungent phenotype is known for its strong, long-lasting high, so mind your dosage. Anticipate a heavy, mind-numbing cerebral sensation that evaporates stress as it sinks into the limbs.

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